Immune system functions by establishing a dynamic network among each organ and maintains biological integrity in our body.

Living means moving for animals. Every cells are moving intravitally, and the motility of immune cells or blood cells are especially important due to their dynamic movement among each organs. Their motion is rigorously controlled and immune cells maintain immune system by migrating to appropriate places on physical demand and interacting with other cells.

On the other hand, immune system works not solely in situations of infectious diseases or autoimmune diseases. Immune cells are migrating from one organ to another to sustain the functional linkage of different organs. The breakdown of this elaborate network can cause various disorders such as lifestyle-related diseases or malignant neoplasm.

We humans wake up in the morning, go to work, and come back home every day. Sometimes we make a trip over a long distance. Such active movement enables our social activities. The world of immune system is similar to the human society. Fluorescent imaging remind us of town lights at night.

In our laboratory, we aim to elucidate the dynamic network of immune system and basic principles that regulate and maintain functional integrity among each organ or tissue. Furthermore, we are willing to establish “human dynamic network” through collaborative research with other laboratories and education of young members.

Multi-organ dynamic network coordinated by immune cellular social activity



April 20, 2013
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